Rules of the game

The Game

You have to predict the first 6 positions in qualifying and the race as well as the fastest lap and first to retire in the race.

You will be allocated points for each prediction you get right. These will be accumulated to give you a points score for the race. This score will then go towards your championship total.

The worst 4 results will be dropped from your championship total.


3 points will be awarded for getting the exact prediction in race and qualifying correct.

1 point for you prediction being one place off in race and qualifying. 1 point will not be allocated if the driver you predicted to finish 6th finishes 7th in the race or qualifying.

5 points will be awarded for getting the prediction of race fastest lap or the first to retire correct.

Round totals will go towards your championship position.

The worst 4 rounds of your championship will be dropped.

If results are tied at the end of the year, the winner will go to the player with the most number of race wins.


Predictions must be submitted by 12 o’clock the night before first practice. The submission forms will not be active during the grand prix weekend.

In the event the player has selected a driver who has subsequently been dropped or unable to race the particular weekend. The replacing driver will then take the place of the users prediction.

In any interpretation of the rules, GP Predictions decision is final.

Race results are taken from


You can add to the prize fund, but are able to play if you wish not to do so, but will not be entered into the prize at the end of season.

You have up until the end of the second grand prix of the year to enter the prize fund.

The championship winner will receive 70% of the prize fund with second place taking the remaining 30%.

Payment due is £5 and is run through PayPal. PayPal takes a fee of 3.4% + 20p per transaction.

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